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A little bio for everyone:

I'm Haley.  I'm a college student majoring in history and minoring in economics, and I've always loved to read.  I am an intersectional feminist and a lot of my views reflect on that.  I'm very bad at telling jokes.

I will read anything and everything.    As of right now the books I get are all from Amazon's Kindle ebooks using BookBub to find out about deals, but hey, if you have a book and you think I might like it, go ahead and hit me up.

Books I like:

Fantasy - I've been an Eragon fan, a Harry Potter fan, just, any book that has dragons and wizards or different creatures or different worlds, I'm there.
Supernatural/paranormal (romance optional) - As long as it's not horror, I'm always fascinated by theories on the supernatural and stuff
Science fiction - We're still talking about world building god I love wonderfully built new worlds
Romance - Usually because this is the genre I usually find.  Characters are usually the focus and I am definitely a character-over-plot kind of girl.
YA - Considering I am a young adult, haha.  I still browse this section when I look for books to buy, and 9 times out of 10 I like them more than "adult" books
LGBT - I'm a queer reader, I like to read about queer people.  It's disappointing this has to be a ~section~ because honestly there should be books with queer protags without the story being about them being queer.  But reading a book about someone being queer is usually more enjoyable than reading a book about white straight people, so.

Books I like less:

Historical fiction - I'm usually a history buff but this doesn't float my boat too much.  Still, I can find things I like.
Erotic romance - I'm asexual and kind of sex-repulsed so a book that's like 95% sex isn't really that appealing to me.  Doesn't mean it's impossible for me to enjoy it; I read a lot of fanfiction with a bunch of sexual content, but it does have to be well written and delve into characterizing the characters for me to really get into it.

Books I avoid:

Horror - This is basically the only genre I will ever avoid.  I've read two Stephen King books, I've read creepypastas, and while I enjoy being spooked sometimes, I tend to get really worked up over stories and think about them for days and on occasion weeks so horror is really bad for my psyche, especially if I'm expected to then turn around and review the book.

Not really a genre, but also books with a lot of insects, particularly roaches.  Dunno if any of those exist, haha, but I'm not taking chances.

That's basically it though.  Feel free to talk about anything with me.

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